Werewolf of the forsaken

"Never has an abbreviation been closer to the truth."

In a world filled of arranged marriages and the kidnapping of young girls forced into marriage by a Govern or a very wealthy man that has observers take them from their homes. A Govern or a wealthy man can have 2-3 sister wives among his household. But what happens when being kidnapped isn't the only thing you have to worry about? What if the stranger that had you kidnapped was also a Werewolf? Will you threat to escape, before the moon arises? Or will you find yourself drawn to your newly wed husband? The state of Florida just got a whole lot interesting. Prepare for the forsaken.

Evangeline Manson | 16 | Taken from family | FC: Lucy Hale |Species: Human | OPEN

Evangeline was taken from her family at the age of 16. Forced to enter a house, the Armthye Mansion. Next thing she knew, she was married to Langdon Armthye. She is often full of light and trying to make the best out of things. But by the looks of it an attraction in a certain Armthye. She loves to go for walks, and sometimes write in her journal if she is utterly bored. After months she has learned to accept the Armthye Manor as her home. 

Personality: Full of light, happy most of the time.

Despises: People whom are full of themselves. 

Likes: Doing people’s hair, which mostly means Elizabeth. 

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