Werewolf of the forsaken

"Never has an abbreviation been closer to the truth."

In a world filled of arranged marriages and the kidnapping of young girls forced into marriage by a Govern or a very wealthy man that has observers take them from their homes. A Govern or a wealthy man can have 2-3 sister wives among his household. But what happens when being kidnapped isn't the only thing you have to worry about? What if the stranger that had you kidnapped was also a Werewolf? Will you threat to escape, before the moon arises? Or will you find yourself drawn to your newly wed husband? The state of Florida just got a whole lot interesting. Prepare for the forsaken.

Mathew Armthye | 18 | Lower brother of Langdon | FC: Evan Peters| Species: Werewolf | OPEN 

Mathew Armthye has lived in the shadow of his big brother. Being in the position of a lower brother and a beta. Mathew enjoys the woods/forest. He often spends his time though in the private library in the Armthye Manor. Filled with books and research. Knowing that himself ad his family are werewolf’s, didn’t take Mathew by surprise. Mathew has often taken interest in Evangeline, with a curious eye on Elizabeth. Doesn’t like to spread the word that he is a werewolf. With his brother Langdon being a werewolf and being an Alpha, the head of the pack. Mathew is determined to prove that he can be just as great of a leader as his brother is. 

Personality: Sweet, and outgoing. Can be rather hot headed when needed.

Despises: Over obsessed people, always settling for the second best thing.

Likes: Reading, hunting, spending time with his brother.

posted 2 years ago